Yup I’m terrible at doing this..

This being up to date with where I’m at! Ok look the S.A.D was intense (but a truck load of fun) and when I finished I couldn’t get off the couch for almost two weeks .. cause I was reading the Foundation series by Asimov \\m// ha!! but also to get ready for the tour with Forest I had to practice non stop! Man.. trying to learn a bunch (I mean relearn!!) of the S.A.D tracks to play live wasn’t easy.. and to top it off I started singing lessons again (yes finally) ok ok I know I’m still learning to play solo .. it’s effin hard as but I’ll/I’m getting there.. the tour with Forest was super fun and thanks to all those who came. I don’t wanna stop so any bookers or venue runners give me a yell and BOOK ME!
Also I’m gearing up to start the next two recording projects .. a solo cassette album for Japanese label deterra and the next Nunchukka album.. both in the next two months fingers crossed.. and…… I did have a track left over from S.A.D .. the wonderful Tym Records are gonna press up a 4 track EP.. including the unreleased track (obviously) for RSD.. Anddddd the idea of a box set .. is still in the thinking stage.. mainly.. it’s gonna cost a fucken hell of a lot …
and lastly .. don’t wanna go back to driving taxis .. thinking of other things to do .. Jay suggests I teach guitar .. dunno.. would any of you guys wanna learn from me? I know jack about theory though.. still…
One more thing Pigeon Ground have put up two of my vinyl releases up of discogs.. I have merch if ya want any get in touch thanks again for your support Rocking days to ya all

Song A Day – 365 Race “Rioter”

another of my faves yadda etc. etc.. remember a while back i said that “anyone up for table tennis” was a anti racist statement? and that I’ll explain later? well look.. all this manufactured hate of late is mind blowing.. like financial constraint ain’t enough to keep us under the thumb there’s that as well.. so upsetting my son and nieces have to live in this shit. its crazy that we live on this planet.. the only planet as far as our eyes and best telescopes can see that can sustain sentient life (so far!)..  I mean look at this place!! Beaches.. butterflies.. coffee.. all those records by the Beatles!! c’mon so much is awesome yet looking past our own nose is beyond a lot of us.. “your different fuck off!” ???! no no no should be “hey your different.. cool up for some table tennis!” look I hate doing the preaching shit and I’d rather you notice the harmonies in the last minuet of the track more than anything but..  also .. ONE MORE DAY TO GO arghhhhhh