Song A Day – 297 I Told You The Tomato Paste Was Off!

this track.. well to start a big thanks to Jay .. the vocal session was done the day before he was flying out with Frenzal for the US, but my begging .. “mate! but I need some singing and key’s , can ya spare an hour?!?” and he did! what a trooper.. so who’s recording? Clem Bennett will be doing most of the session’s while Jay’s away so say g’day. and lastly .. look I couldn’t help my self , this track is actually a proto for a longer prog track but I also “heard” it like this and….. enjoy.

Song A Day – 294 Puppy Puppy

some more “biting” (get it??) social commentary on our “once” (but certainly not any more) fair city.. but I’ll tell ya something that is cool.. (besides the solo!?) myself and Joel tracking at Parliament Studios with Lachlan Mitchell for the next three days!