Song A Day – 212 Never Gonna Give You Up

well almost the end of the month and i still haven’t done the shout out to Feel Presents.. but… was waiting for the “right track” and here it is.. i know for a fact the company LOVE Rick Astley … and hey his HIT “never gonna give you up” was a number 1 in 25 countries so they are not alone! mind you this track , in my humble onion, is way funkier so lets show him and make this a hit in 26 countries! thank you Feel!

Song A Day – 211 Moon Child

this the most hippy track ever? so hippy the working title was moon child and… i just couldn’t come up with anything more appropriate. thought i did “hippy” a few months back but obviously … yet again Jay plays the “strings”.. starting to feel bad bout putting my dick in his coffee