Song A Day – 337 We Let Ourselves Be Led

I’m super glad technology made this possible (drum roll starts) singing todays track is the one and only Forest Pooky! thanks to his buddy Spike McGuire we managed three tracks.. vocals recorded on a day off touring in Nevada.  last year I did my 1st solo tour of Europe thanks to Thibo from Wildcard Bookings and Forest and seriously.. easily one of the best tours I’ve ever been on! Forest and I shall be touring here pretty much all of February so please come along! anyways.. as you can hear Mr Pooky has a powerhouse of a voice.. couple of times we played where the PA would conk out and it never worried him! “I just need somewhere to sit thank you”.. ha true! Rocking.. hope youse dig

Song A Day – 336 Cherry Lite

.  HEY.. as you know I always do a show off track 1st day of the month and this one is the creme de la creme.. one of the best songs I’ve ever written full fucken stop! also my 1st conscious attempt at disco. and if that aint enough I was also lucky enough to get some sessions in with Lachlan Mitchell at Infinity Recording mixing! as you can hear he can mix up a storm! enjoy! also .. its the last month of S.A.D .. gonna try and cram a lot in .. and.. can I say that the people who have sponsored me like Feel Presents and all who have subscribed I really CAN’T THANK enough! thank you so much for being a part of this.