Part 1: Solo Stuff

OK, so just released me new record and did a tour with King Buzzo…

Blackie and Buzzo

Crazy backstage antics..
One doing vocal warm ups whilst the other writes in a journal …

That was the 1st time with the solo thingy I got to play in large chunks … and loved it!

I’ve found it hard to work with monitors acoustically but learnt a lot …

Buzz and the touring party were ace to travel with even though i was forced to listen to ZZ Top …haha

I even ended thinking some of it was “not bad”… Justin Edward Healey was also the best TM !!

My new album “Gambler! Gambler! took forever to release but … here it is out on both CD and vinyl.

We Empty Jem Empties Rooms is responsible for getting it onto wax and I’m grateful they took to time to do that if any one wants to check it out there are a few songs up on the Citadel Records page you can listen to.

Will tour some more when the hard ons get back from Europe…

If anyone wants a copy hit me up.
rock on

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