Part 3: Nunchukka Superfly

Nunchukka Superfly

I really should be packing for europe but just a little update on our ‘other band”. After, earlier this year, releasing our 5th album “Open Your Eye’s To Smoke” we’ve all been caught up with our “other bands” actually both Hard-Ons – Official and solo releases/tours with myself and Ray and Julian’s killer band Zea Horse, on a US tour even as I type (and use spell check).nunchukka_superfly_open-your-eyes-to-smoke_lp

Well… we’ll all be back end off October and will re start exactly where we left off .. fucking rocking out!!

We have loads of newies so will be looking at recording soon.. and start with some shows in Victoria..14th Nov we play the Reverence Hotel.. and the 15th Nov we are part of the line up at River Rocks in Geelong.

A lot of people call Nunchukka the side project of the guys from the hard ons… annoying but I can see why so come along so we can prove that if anything…. hahaha

Rock on guys


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