hey all.. where should I start and what should I say??!!

I’m very very new to having a web page and lucky enough to have a kind fellow helping me out with this.

My computer skillz are ranging from zero to heaps less than zero.. so thank you Mike!

Now “this”.. basically I’m wanting to yack about my solo project(s) and have a place to be able to not only do that but have songs available to listen to, and to have merch for sale.. these days are getting harder and harder to get air play so I’m happy to have songs up here for your listening perusals 🙂

Before I go any further I might also add my grammar and spelling will be shit house.. now that I’ve done that I’ll go further.

Ok so some news before I start thinking about dinner.

Album number four is not too far away .. its very different from Gambler! Gambler!.. in that its a very naked album.. Even more so than Dangerous Gods, just guitar and voice on most tracks with small embellishments on keys here and there.. the other feature is that I roped in Mina Belle to sing some tracks.. She came in to add some bits and pieces and I was blown away!! so (insert drumroll!) “my best means a lot to me” was added soon after, in fact, I’m sure we are gonna do a lot more in the “not too far aways”!

Also… I’m very chuffed to have been offered a tour of Europe this September/October from Thibault at Wild Card Bookings!

I cannot wait!! to help me on my adventure I’m joined by Forest Pooky.. check out his stuff on www.forestpooky.com

To celebrate we are gonna do a split 12′. three new songs apiece. Man, I love any excuse to record new songs and I love to celebrate… so putting the two together?? haha making sense? who cares!!?

More on that and dates as they come along.

Well that’s probably enough grammar and spelling mistakes for now.

Thanks for visiting

Peter Black