Euro Thanks


Seven weeks, and in that time a ton of people to thank but can I just say the two people who made it happen.

Thibault Gillard, brought some albums of me and replied with “why haven’t you toured solo here yet!??”

To which I replied, “I wish!”

Next thing you know!

Thibault said to me, “thanks for taking the chance with us”, but as if I was gonna say no!!

Really we both took a chance, but from the moment I arrived I felt I was in good hands!

And can I plug his band Not Scientists. Check ’em out!! Awesome!
Wild Card Bookings are the bomb!

And… Speaking of good hands Forest Pooky is one if those guys the term ‘true gentleman’ was invented for. I doubt I was ever this well looked after! Not only doing the driving and TMing but constantly making sure “things were good”. Then he’d get up on stage and bring the house down! Seven weeks, living in each other’s pocket, we didn’t have one tiff! Even when I played some ‘Yes’ on the van stereo!

One day I’m gonna get him to Australia and you guys will see for yourselves what I’m talking about.

Thank you both very, very much.

And, I really mean it when I say the pleasure was all mine.