A Song a Day?!?


I’ve / I’m having, well I’m having what I think is a terrific, if not slightly insane idea of releasing a new song every day next year!

So, from January 1st, to the last day of December 2016 (that’s the 31st for all you number buffs).. each day visit me site and there’s a new track for ya… still not 100% what format is best but pretty sure will be via band camp.

Now, I’ve told a few people already and apparently its been attempted before.. really? Have they been able to pull it off?

Can tell you I was bummed as I had no idea but even so I really wanna do this, not getting any younger and… well to be a little corny, music has made my life wonderful so wanna give it me all and… I wanna DO IT ALL haha

The hardest part will be funding this (hey, I drive a taxi and you all know what shit wages we earn thanks to Uber etc etc) so if anyone’s interested in this subscriptions will be available . I could be wrong but for $9 you get to download a months worth of tunes.. I know jack about computers/internet/online/howtomakegreencurry so will be helped out experts in this field/area/stadiumsandcricketpitch .

Well, the smoke alarm guy is coming around and I better put me undies on and get ready with the old “what time do you call this!!” face on.. but more, lots more coming real soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂