Song A day 2015 or… S.A.D 2015 or…….

Man, what the fuck do I call it? any suggestions?
well its a little over three weeks away and I’m nervous and excited.. Ray has suggested I call it Daily Tonic! ha that’s not bad ..
I’ve had a few people ask me questions about it and I’ll answer some now, maybe in the same style that Paul Macca did on his solo album :-p
Will it all be acoustic?
No! that would be artistically and listeninglly dull.. I wanna try and do it all.. the only thing I can say with a little certainty is.. it’ll be tops!
Will you write all the songs?
Of course
Will other people guest on tracks?
well… hmmm I’m actually getting bored writing it in interview style so
(ha the second coffee just hit)
where was I … um.. yes I hope so! I cant drum for shit will be getting some of my fave’s to come in and bash away with me and I certainly want Forest Pooky on a couple of songs.. hopefully if I can learn computer stuff and get both his guitar and voice..
the other thing is I wont be able to do this without your help.. I’m setting up so the songs will be up on Band Camp.. will have a $9 a month subscription and for that you can D/L all the tracks.. or if you like a song or 2.. yadda etc. there will be a LOT of time in the studio which wont be cheap so.. come join me for ya S.A.D Daily Tonic!
youse guys are rocking