Here’s March (said in the same voice as Jack Torrence in The Shining)

thank you guys so much for sticking round and digging the toons!
really getting into the swing of things but as usual.. always wanting MORE.. so when I think “cool hitting a nice stride here” the next thing that pops into my head is some ducks splashing in a pond.. woops no! I meant to say “ok.. nice so lets go further!”
anyways couple of surprises this month which I’m sure youse’ll dig and, (and he shouldn’t have let me know!!) I’ve just discovered that Jay can play keyboards! ha oh boy .. the last thing we did today was a piano piece for one of the new tracks.. its sounds fucken tops! expect wayyyyyy more of that..
as usual this wouldn’t be happening without the valuable and awesome help from Joel, Jay, Chris, Pete and Mike and… of course you guys! cant do it with you so big thanks!
lotsa Rock to all of us!!

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