Song A Day – 101 What Rhyme’s With Shit For Brains

i’ve never been political and in fact … music wise, 95% of the time cant stand it. music is art and i wanna be “moved” when i put a record on. but….. man these are DARK TIMES. what a terrible shit sandwhich we are stuck in and its all to cater to the Murdochs of the world.. financial constraint is the new and very clever way of keeping us under the thumb. one side ya got so much violent hate crimes … people seem to hate everything that isnt the same as they are.. and the other slice in this shit sandwich is the hipsters.. dont laugh but art by its very nature moves us forward, makes ya think differently, even “opens” ya eyes .. hipsterism has been unleased to smother us! “OMG i’m so self entitled and love the sound of my own voice and we are gonna drown you out don’t beep at me ot the pedestrian crossing I’m texting!!!” liberal government has perfected mass manipulation.. “little things” like health and education in tatters while fat cats purr louder.. man remember when people used to be cool to each other? the only time i see that now a days is at a gig! now i’m generalizing but you know what i mean.. and the final proof that the “dark side” is taking over is the rummer that Axl Rose might be AC/DC’s next vocalist.

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