Song A Day – 119 Shot In The Shoulder

Hey Luke .. remember at the Music Farmers gig by the merch stand you asked “do you have anything new?” and i said “besides a fucken song a day?” and then you said “steady mate i’m trying to be polite don’t make me bring out the ham sandwich incident” and myself…. running my hands over my face in a Dustin Hoffman manner replied with “man ya right .. i don’t know what it is about me that makes me hurt the ones i love the most” .. then as the next band started playing we stood side by side .. one tall and proud, the other looking at the ground more than the band playing away… i then tapped ya on the shoulder and said “um the 2nd track i played will be out any day now!” well…. this is the track!

2 thoughts on “Song A Day – 119 Shot In The Shoulder

  1. I can relate .. anyway .. What Music Farmers Gig ?? am I off your coolstuff list ?? dammit !! listened to March last night .. Complete freaking killer … sounds like ur having a bulkace time .. check out my no PM policy .. pretty not as annoying huh ?!

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