Song A Day – 153 Against Your Skin

ok now here’s a show off track and a half and hopefully you can see why its a little late today.. let me rant a little.. a while back Joel asked “why ain’t we done any prog yet?! c’mon!!” “bloody hell mate its a song a day not easy”… “yea but lets make em late for work!” ha he whined when challenging me and then whined when i hit with this! fuck it wasn’t easy but both of us love this “sorta stuff” ya have to understand that to make song a day work its bang bang bang.. cant rehearse or fart arse round so all this was done cold.. explaining the parts.. hard as.. “you know this bit is kinda smoooth man then I’m gonna go sick on the guitar then you should sound like the kits falling down stairs ok?? lets go take two”.. hearing it I’m pleased as punch.. of course i also think “hmm part 2 and 3 needs a noisier transmission, and the end section needed to be even bigger” but I’m, as i said pleased as!! and the mixing! Chris and i texting till after one last night getting it right.. even this morning he tweaked it till about hour ago and its taken that long to D/L.. boy rant over .. enjoy the track!

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