half way mark and I guess I wanna say.. or even yell out “that kinda tops!!”
ya know its been nuts… truly nuts to take on but I wanted to.. for many many reasons and gotta tell ya I’m really loving it! love music so to be involved on this level is just wonderful.. in many ways we have become artless in this country , and its just not music its across the board. its virtually impossible to be an artist here.. not a lucky country for artists.. so I’m super happy for the support you guys have given! I’ve have people come up at gigs and just randomly give donations “love what ya doing put this towards it” very very heart warming and a HUGE HELP! Feel Presents label and touring sponsor a day every month in the studio! MASSIVE HELP. I’m trying to keep the level of production as high as bucks allow.. ha I def don’t wanna look back on this and think “hmmm wish it sounded better”
and of course the 4 guys hands on.. whatever I say wont be good enough to say thanks.. Joel.. comes in buggard after work to a session, just changed jobs so its heaps harder, and hears the songs for the 1st time as we are putting em down .. if I go “ok ok this one’s pretty easy.. kinda old school power pop. but.. um.. I wanna explode in the middle and fizzle towards to end but not in a fizzly way ok?? have the demo on me phone i’ll play ya 30 secs of it and we are good to go right??” and .. we usually are!! awesome! Jay… extra tough for him as the studio he had closed down but in a “the show must go on fashion” has be sourcing rooms on a day to day basis and wherever we go he sets it up and we can still lay stuff down … tomorrow even doing some stuff at his house as one of the rooms didn’t work out and we are behind this week.. awesome Chris .. don’t know how he does it.. mix after mix after mix and there have been times we’ve been late getting him mixes.. I’ve had to play shows or do some shifts in the cab etc etc but… with out fail even if he gets a mix that morning and its the track I need by tomorrow i’ll have it and it’ll sound killer! awesome and Mike.. the techno expert who put all this together.. I know jack about these sorta things and day in day out he’s setting it up so the songs get to you guys.. even when my computer crashed and most of the shit was gone … “no worries get ya self a coffee , sit down, and we’ll set everything back up again” Awesome!
now just blubbering and I need to get the lyrics happening for tomorrows session but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU .. stick around guys if ya liked what ya’ve heard so far chances are you’ll dig some more.
Rock To Us

One thought on “HALF-FUCKEN-WAY

  1. You Gotta do a hardcopy version of some of this stuff when it’s all over. Maybe the 12 best songs of every month…. i don’t know, except more people need to hear it1



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