Song A Day – 189 Box Of Ya Favorites

hilarious story with this one.. this tunes been around for a while and.. think I might’ve even played it live once but I don’t rate it as top notch.. but like some tunes do just wouldn’t go away… so I thought “fuck it” I’ll do it for S.A.D then can move on.. SO came in one day and informed Jay.. “next track.. it’s ok but kinda B-side”.. to which he replied “oh gee ok … so.. ya telling me here we are about 180, give or take, tracks in and NOW you say … well maybe.. just maybe here’s one that’s not a five star extravaganza!! gee… well lets see what we can do with it so they don’t have to hold emergency meetings at Mount Olympus!!” man… tell ya what when he wasn’t watching I stuck my dick in his coffee and despite getting 1st degree burns and a hell of a lot of discomfort for 4 days was worth it watching him grimace when ever he took a sip..

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