Song A Day – 220 Not A Selling Point For Me

sorry for todays tardiness.. Hard Ons in Canberra last night in an another fun as fark night.. got home after 4am, slept thru the alarm, tired but still buzzed if that makes sense. now todays track… man I can probably write a thesis on this one.. this is one my fave tracks that didn’t make it… was played a bunch of times with Nunchukka Superfly and never recorded, then dropped.. the main reason when ya boil down to it is how hard it is to maintain a band/play music in Australia.. not a great place for art Australia, and by that I don’t mean we don’t make great art! anyway being this tired I better keep the rant short. when I said to Joel lets finally record this we were chuffed to finally be able to, and Chris’s mix… wait till ya hear the end section kick in!

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