Song A Day – 236 The News Is A Scam

I rarely say anything “political” with my music.. I think by nature music is so wonderful its main “job” is to make people smile! sounds corny but that’s the bottom line for me.. ya days shit ya whack on a tune and instant feel good! art takes ya out of ya norm.. its essential.. but .. ok we all know there’s a lot wrong with the world today.. its riddled with small wars and has there every been a time when there is so much hatred between religions?? look to normal people its so laughable .. what “my fairy tale is heaps better than your fucken fairy tale”?? I don’t mean disrespect as each to there own … but why? so much hate out there.. man I feel sorry for my son and nieces who have to grow up with this shit.. man we give so much power to so few who treat us as collateral .. I think one of the worse.. the worst of the worst is Murdoch! why do we let some evil turd control so much of the media and … even believe a single thing we read in there?? man its a pity there’s no hell cause fuck he deserves it.. but I also think WE are to blame.. people have the power? really?? we all take part in letting this shit happen.

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