Song A Day – 365 Race “Rioter”

another of my faves yadda etc. etc.. remember a while back i said that “anyone up for table tennis” was a anti racist statement? and that I’ll explain later? well look.. all this manufactured hate of late is mind blowing.. like financial constraint ain’t enough to keep us under the thumb there’s that as well.. so upsetting my son and nieces have to live in this shit. its crazy that we live on this planet.. the only planet as far as our eyes and best telescopes can see that can sustain sentient life (so far!)..  I mean look at this place!! Beaches.. butterflies.. coffee.. all those records by the Beatles!! c’mon so much is awesome yet looking past our own nose is beyond a lot of us.. “your different fuck off!” ???! no no no should be “hey your different.. cool up for some table tennis!” look I hate doing the preaching shit and I’d rather you notice the harmonies in the last minuet of the track more than anything but..  also .. ONE MORE DAY TO GO arghhhhhh

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