Yup I’m terrible at doing this..

This being up to date with where I’m at! Ok look the S.A.D was intense (but a truck load of fun) and when I finished I couldn’t get off the couch for almost two weeks .. cause I was reading the Foundation series by Asimov \\m// ha!! but also to get ready for the tour with Forest I had to practice non stop! Man.. trying to learn a bunch (I mean relearn!!) of the S.A.D tracks to play live wasn’t easy.. and to top it off I started singing lessons again (yes finally) ok ok I know I’m still learning to play solo .. it’s effin hard as but I’ll/I’m getting there.. the tour with Forest was super fun and thanks to all those who came. I don’t wanna stop so any bookers or venue runners give me a yell and BOOK ME!
Also I’m gearing up to start the next two recording projects .. a solo cassette album for Japanese label deterra and the next Nunchukka album.. both in the next two months fingers crossed.. and…… I did have a track left over from S.A.D .. the wonderful Tym Records are gonna press up a 4 track EP.. including the unreleased track (obviously) for RSD.. Anddddd the idea of a box set .. is still in the thinking stage.. mainly.. it’s gonna cost a fucken hell of a lot …
and lastly .. don’t wanna go back to driving taxis .. thinking of other things to do .. Jay suggests I teach guitar .. dunno.. would any of you guys wanna learn from me? I know jack about theory though.. still…
One more thing Pigeon Ground have put up two of my vinyl releases up of discogs.. I have merch if ya want any get in touch thanks again for your support Rocking days to ya all

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