Check out the Hard-Ons in Europe!

Unbelievably Bad

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor

The Hard-Ons are about to finish up their 18th European tour and Unbelievably Bad got to spend a day with them in Joué-lés-Tours, France, the third date on the tour.

The town is three train trips and four hours from Paris, and is home to a hellaciously quaint park and an incredible council-subsidised music venue called Le Temps Machine (The Time Machine).

Playing after their French touring buddies Not Scientists, the Hard-Ons – with original member Keish back touring O/S for the first time since 2001 – delivered a typically hectic set of new and old ones that left arses agape.

Maybe just watch the video, you’ll see what we mean:

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Ons_Tours_151017_02_UB.jpg Pic: Matt Reekie

Hard-Ons_Tours_151017_04_UB.jpg Pic: Matt Reekie

Ons_Tours_151017_03_UB.jpg Pic: Matt Reekie

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