New Album

Hey ..
Been a long while I wrote anything on this here site but.. hope youse all will excuse me tardiness
not too good at this social media its seems (and spelling, punctuation, grammar, yadda, yadda)
anyway dying ta let ya know album No#5 “Maybe If I Took Me Headphones Off” is out now on vinyl thru Tym Records (Home)
initially a cassette release on deterra (deterra) Tym has kindly put the trax on wax..
very happy with it and probably closest my solo stuff will get sounding like me bands .. both of em actually .. used two killer drummers , Joel Ellis and Anna Goldstein, so couldn’t help rocking out.. Jay again recorded and Chris again mixed.. just click on the site if ya want one
gonna tour and will have the dates up next week .. just finalising last few shows. I wanna play everywhere and hopefully eventually will .. just juggling recording and HO’s heading back to Japan..
speaking of recording .. will start recording next two solo records in a fortnight.. after Song A Day I wanna take me time with the next batch of tunes.. not sure when i’ll finish but will have a few surprises/guests.. one will be gentle and the other even more gentler..
well I better rack off.. doing two video assignments tomorrow for me Personal Trainer course cert III.. better study, wish me luck! may your days be rocking




​Tym records is a vinyl only record label from Brisbane, Australia.

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