More mock spam (gluten based)

1st “leg of the tour” done and I cant thank all youse guys enough. thanks Black Hatt, the Krusty Om-let guys, Michele and Marcus and sweary mouth Ben the Red, Franks Wild Years ., Murri Creek Tavern ya venue is pure class!.. Last Chance Rocking like no tomorrow bar.. and Don for inviting me to play da gig at the Valve Bar
this week quieter and I mean literally as i’m playing in a book shop! haha shoooooooosh!! (say’s the creepy guy in the military history section) but yes! gracing the stage (and new PA!) at Desire Books and Records this Saturday the 8th.. then not altogether unrelated Nunchukka Superfly play HalfBack Books in Dee Why this Sunday the 9th.. more details to come.. right now heading back to the studio continuing the next lot of solo recordings in a somewhat relaxed manner.. just needing to find something that rhyme’s with “I know I’m going on and on about it but they are the deadest yellow curtains I’ve ever seen”
don’t forget new album out now.. want one get in touch with either Tym Records or meself rocking days to us all

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