another update

maybe it was my fault.. but I could’ve sworn (I can swear heaps good!) that I was in the studio today.. Jay swears (not as well as me mind you) its next week but.. I’m Japan! bah probably cause I’m always hassling for a discount .. hey ya gotta try!!
anyway that’s besides the point what I really wanna say is a big thank you to those that made the “northern” part of the “headphones” tour so tops! killer venues like the Junk Bar.. the WONDERFUL Augustine’s.. again at TYM’s ❤ and the Crazy Eddies Grub House.. also did an in store at Howl and Moan and fark so many killer records there was hard not to spend big! (I needed gas money for the wagon :-p) also thank you Helter Smelter, Phil, Fleur and Anna for making these shows possible! hugggg
Tym has been dynamite as always and the record is about to get another pressing.. if ya ain’t got one yet hassle him, or me, or ya fave record store!
next up Adelaide shows.. 11th oct Metro Hotel and 12th Cumberland Hotel.. then back home for a Sunday show at HalfBack 14th.. typical the Hard Ons have to bang a japan tour in the middle of mine…. oh woe is me I get to go to one of the FUNNEST countries ever! and if all that isn’t exciting enough.. (drummmmm rolllllll) Nunchukka Superfly recording sessions booked just after that…
phew I need a lie down..
rocking days to us all

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