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Peter Black - Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show

Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show The world-renown rampaging lead-guitarist, vocalist and song-writer from Australian underground legends The Hard-ons introduces album number four. A staggering achievement especially considering the breakneck speed with which Peter Black has spawned his opuses. An electric and mythical performer whose sweaty no holds-barred bare-chested pillage through any live set always…Read more

Peter Black Solo

The Paintings On The Wall Say Gambler! Gambler! If there is any justice in this world, the third full-length studio album by Sydney’s Peter Black, The Paintings On The Wall Say Gambler! Gambler!, will propel this dedicated artist into the mainstream consciousness with such force that the general public will stop watching The Kardashians so…Read more

No Dangerous Gods in Tunnel “What’da mean, difficult second album! This is no way to start an interview.” Peter Black (aka Blackie from the Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly) is talking about his recently finished second solo album No Dangerous Gods In Tunnel. “Actually the first album was testing the solo ‘waters’. This second one is a…Read more

Break Bread with the Mono Brows Two years in the making , but not sounding it!!, ‘Break Bread…’ is the 1st solo release from Peter BLACKIE Black! Of course we all LOVE him in the world beaters the Hard Ons and we scratch our heads at the experimental Nunchukka Superfly but this is an altogether…Read more

Blackie / Forst Pooky 12" Split

Peter ‘Blackie’ Black and Forest Pooky Europe 2015. Six original and previously unreleased tracks on a nice orange 12″.