Hey again!

Man what a week 5 shows! How awesomeness is that!

Three with Hard Ons and two solo.. Loved every second! Thanks to all that came and helped make ’em so tops.
Plenty of solo shows still come.. Launching new album and wanna play a bunch of new tracks too..

New album available at the gigs and hopefully T shirts and the split I did with Forest Pooky will land any day now (I’m still refusing to believe that it’s lost in transit.. Arghhh.. Those that have ordered shirts sorry they ain’t been sent yet.. Don’t worry , haven’t forgotten).

You can buy the new album on this site but those in Europe please order from Red Lounge Records for vinyl or Bosstunage for Cd’s .. As you know postage these days is bit costly yadda etc I also wanna attempt something next year which I’ll yak about pretty soon Um..

Flustered now at the docs and don’t ya love the waiting areas Next gig Canberra the 14th .. Transit Bar with Mr Ray and Mr Keish.. Dot dots

New Album Tour – NSW, VIC & QLD

Peter (Blackie) Black announces new tour and new album.

Returning from a 7 week tour of Europe , playing a mammoth 44 shows in 46 days, promoting album number 4, “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show”.

Peter Black is now ready to launch his new album in Australia, touring most of November, leaking into December.

Asking him how the European jaunt went he replies with:

“shit yeah, it was tops”

“shit yeah, it was tops”….

hmm… and this writer is very surprised to find that he’s already onto album number 4!

I asked him why this is so…. is he’s avoiding us??

“Nah nah not at all… but you see, when ya in a semi popular band (he’s talking about the Hard-Ons), folks tend to see what ever else you do as a side project. But I don’t DO side projects…. all me stuff is tops!”

“All me stuff is tops”, he says hmm… in that case, why don’t pop along to a show and see for ourselves.

I know this writer will..

  • 7th Nov – Blackwire Records, Sydney
  • 14th Nov – Transit Bar, Canberra
  • 25th Nov – Hamilton Station, Newcastle
  • 26th Nov – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
  • 27th Nov – Old Bar, Melbourne
  • 4th Dec – Ruby L’otel, Rozelle Sydney
  • 6th Dec – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Details coming… Keep an eye on the Gigs page.

A lot of the shows I’ll be joined by Keish playing Solo and Ray doing Stand Up!


New Album and 12″ Split!

So you may have understood that Blackie has released a new solo CD!

The new album is called: “Clearly You Didn’t like The Show”.

The CD is available now and the vinyl is on the way.

You can grab a copy here:


Blackie will be heading off on his first European Solo Tour with Forest Pooky​.
Blackie / Forst Pooky 12" Split

They will be touring France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgiumand England (August 28th until October 18th)

To highligh the tour, there is an orange 12″ split available for pre-order!

All original and new songs!

Quick update


Busy as getting the new album “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show” ready for the European tour..

Tour starts August 28th and goes till October 11th.. Can’t wait!!

Dates will up pretty soon as well as pics of the cover… Killer art from underground comic Fat Ankle. \\m//

The CD is so tiny that lyrics will put up on the site instead of cluttering up the art work…

Also, next show at Mars Hill Cafe June the 5th start at nine and as usual there I can play as long as I like so… Lots of newies and I keep going until me voice konks out .. Take care all