Part 2: Hard-Ons

I don’t yak much about the Hard ons here cause.. well I don’t need to but this year has been the BESTUS !!

As you can see by the pic’s I put up from the Japanese tour that was a BLAST… fuckin LOVE Japan!

Great people, bands, gigs… everything but vego food haha we did the 30th anniversary thingy there with Keish and I’m real sorry to our awesome Europeon buddies that’s it for the 30th shows.

Hard-Ons 30th

I CAN NOT DO another “ye olden day” set.

Let me just back track a little… the idea was Ray’s and the way he explained it when we were talking about what to do for our 30th was this…

“our fans are old farts.. not as old as us but… OLD .. imagine if we did an set of only Keish stuff!!?” “wha!!??? no way “

I said “we’re about to do a fucking new album!”

“yes but… cmon Blackie our fans are the coolest so lets say thank you”.

Well it wasn’t exactly like that… it was in a dimly lit room .. real atmospheric…. Rod Serling was in the corner.. and he said, as he was smoking a chesterfield, “take one Ray Ahn and one Peter Black.. friends since school discussing their 30th anniversary plans with their semi successful rock and roll band The Hard Ons … what they don’t know is that the tour is about to take them into the TWILIGHT ZONE” (bongos and piccolo flutes blare out!!)

The idea of saying “thank you” is a great idea but I couldn’t help thinking.. “fuck this could be boring to do musically ……. but that was blown out the water 1st show in Adelaide.. I gotta say the response has been overwhelming! The fact that some of our songs means something to youse guys is very very special!!

The tour was incredible and I’m only gonna leave a little hint on this but having Keish singing was awesome as well. So much fun that we might get together as a four piece and see if/what/can we come up with some new stuff…. its an if but… so…………

Anyone who knows what I’m on about musically knows I’m always after the next thing.. the next riff, the next melody ,the next idea etc etc .. its ALWAYS what’s next for me.

So the new Hard Ons album, we recorded it before this tour. We are so PLEASED with it.. cant wait to start touring THAT which we will start in Europe. Keish came along and did some singing on a few tracks which added a nice touch and seriously its tops trust me!

So, thanx a bunch you guys and gurls .. we really have the coolest fans.. thank you so much for sticking around this long!! Until our hearing and backs completely give way we’ll be seeing ya’s round a little while longer.

Much love and must respect xx