Song A Day – 77 In A Sing Song Voice

The thing you notice when you see Loveless for the 1st time , besides their favorite chord is feedback, is “fucken lungs on that chick!!” Had to ask Elissa.. “if ya ever in Sydney please come in and sing a track with me”.  Lucky me she did..a couple! bloody hell i couldnt be more please how this turned out! both me and Jay playing the middle piano bit … me the easy bits of course.. stay tuned..

Blackie & Elissa Rose

Song A Day – 30

a little while back me mates the Fonti brothers got me Garage Band..

I’ve wanted to be able to do my own “orchestral” stuff for ages. being techno-phobe I’m still trying to find me way around it but.. this is a little something I cooked up with it. besides the track Corridor Song from Gambler! Gambler! this is one of my 1st attempts at this sorta thing. hope ya dig it and let Steven Spielberg know I’m available for his next blockbuster epic soundtrack whatchamacallits

its my sons birthday today 🙂