Gigs January

man been so…. “not with it” that i forgets to mention i’m playing couple solo gigs this week ..

Thursday the 21st at the Factory Floor with a whole bunch of bands including Skinpin , Dividers … the list goes on.

Friday the 22nd at Ruby L’otels at Rozelle with Keish De Silva
when ya get sick of nostolgia come and see something new 🙂

And so it begins

Well, t’was the night before the new year and everyone is stirring!

God its so noisy I cant hear myself type!

But… as you all know since I’ve been carping on and on about it, my attempt at releasing a song a day starts tomorrow.

Tune in to the BandCamp site to hear da stuff Subscribe to Peter Black Solo if ya dig it! Only $9 and quite seriously, I wont be able to do it without ya help.. but have a listen and enjoy!

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Blackie is Releasing a Song a Day for a Year

Unbelievably Bad


blackie_solo_2015.jpgTwenty-sixteen is an Olympic year and Peter ‘Blackie’ Black is going for Gold. The veteran guitar player for the Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly-cum-solo performer-cum-cabbie is going to attempt to release one song every day. And since it’s a leap year that means 366 songs written, recorded and released in as many days. If he manages to pull it off, it’ll be a truly great moment in Australian sport.
Unbelievably Bad spoke to Blackie as he was limbering up…

What’s your motivation for trying to release a song a day for a year?
It’s super easy and hard to answer at the same effing time. I think basically I’m so enthralled by music that I wanted to do/try something big. That’s a real simplified version. My age played a part as well. Been playing my whole life pretty much, even before the Hard-Ons started…

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Interview with Peter Black



Returning from a 7 week tour of Europe , playing an mammoth 44 shows in 46 days, promoting album number 4, Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show, Peter Black is now ready to launch his new album in Australia, touring most of November, leaking into December. Tomatrax caught up with Mr Black to ask a few questions.

Where did the title Clearly you didn’t like the show come from?
Out of thin air!!

The album mainly features your voice and guitarists, what made you take on the “stripped back” direction on this album?
Three reasons .. Last album had trillions of kitchen sinks on it so wanted to pull it back this time.. And to record songs I thought were cool in such a quiet setting.. To have an album that sounds like the live show does.. Last but not least, to show off a bit

You’ve put out 4…

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Song A day 2015 or… S.A.D 2015 or…….

Man, what the fuck do I call it? any suggestions?
well its a little over three weeks away and I’m nervous and excited.. Ray has suggested I call it Daily Tonic! ha that’s not bad ..
I’ve had a few people ask me questions about it and I’ll answer some now, maybe in the same style that Paul Macca did on his solo album :-p
Will it all be acoustic?
No! that would be artistically and listeninglly dull.. I wanna try and do it all.. the only thing I can say with a little certainty is.. it’ll be tops!
Will you write all the songs?
Of course
Will other people guest on tracks?
well… hmmm I’m actually getting bored writing it in interview style so
(ha the second coffee just hit)
where was I … um.. yes I hope so! I cant drum for shit will be getting some of my fave’s to come in and bash away with me and I certainly want Forest Pooky on a couple of songs.. hopefully if I can learn computer stuff and get both his guitar and voice..
the other thing is I wont be able to do this without your help.. I’m setting up so the songs will be up on Band Camp.. will have a $9 a month subscription and for that you can D/L all the tracks.. or if you like a song or 2.. yadda etc. there will be a LOT of time in the studio which wont be cheap so.. come join me for ya S.A.D Daily Tonic!
youse guys are rocking

A Song a Day?!?


I’ve / I’m having, well I’m having what I think is a terrific, if not slightly insane idea of releasing a new song every day next year!

So, from January 1st, to the last day of December 2016 (that’s the 31st for all you number buffs).. each day visit me site and there’s a new track for ya… still not 100% what format is best but pretty sure will be via band camp.

Now, I’ve told a few people already and apparently its been attempted before.. really? Have they been able to pull it off?

Can tell you I was bummed as I had no idea but even so I really wanna do this, not getting any younger and… well to be a little corny, music has made my life wonderful so wanna give it me all and… I wanna DO IT ALL haha

The hardest part will be funding this (hey, I drive a taxi and you all know what shit wages we earn thanks to Uber etc etc) so if anyone’s interested in this subscriptions will be available . I could be wrong but for $9 you get to download a months worth of tunes.. I know jack about computers/internet/online/howtomakegreencurry so will be helped out experts in this field/area/stadiumsandcricketpitch .

Well, the smoke alarm guy is coming around and I better put me undies on and get ready with the old “what time do you call this!!” face on.. but more, lots more coming real soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂