Playing at COLOURSOUND FESTIVAL 2016Staves Brewery in Glebe on Friday 25th March.

Keish also playing solo; free and at a brewery.

What’s not to like? Starts at 4pm

Gigs January

man been so…. “not with it” that i forgets to mention i’m playing couple solo gigs this week ..

Thursday the 21st at the Factory Floor with a whole bunch of bands including Skinpin , Dividers … the list goes on.

Friday the 22nd at Ruby L’otels at Rozelle with Keish De Silva
when ya get sick of nostolgia come and see something new 🙂

And so it begins

Well, t’was the night before the new year and everyone is stirring!

God its so noisy I cant hear myself type!

But… as you all know since I’ve been carping on and on about it, my attempt at releasing a song a day starts tomorrow.

Tune in to the BandCamp site to hear da stuff Subscribe to Peter Black Solo if ya dig it! Only $9 and quite seriously, I wont be able to do it without ya help.. but have a listen and enjoy!

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Blackie is Releasing a Song a Day for a Year

Unbelievably Bad


blackie_solo_2015.jpgTwenty-sixteen is an Olympic year and Peter ‘Blackie’ Black is going for Gold. The veteran guitar player for the Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly-cum-solo performer-cum-cabbie is going to attempt to release one song every day. And since it’s a leap year that means 366 songs written, recorded and released in as many days. If he manages to pull it off, it’ll be a truly great moment in Australian sport.
Unbelievably Bad spoke to Blackie as he was limbering up…

What’s your motivation for trying to release a song a day for a year?
It’s super easy and hard to answer at the same effing time. I think basically I’m so enthralled by music that I wanted to do/try something big. That’s a real simplified version. My age played a part as well. Been playing my whole life pretty much, even before the Hard-Ons started…

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