Hey again!

Man what a week 5 shows! How awesomeness is that!

Three with Hard Ons and two solo.. Loved every second! Thanks to all that came and helped make ’em so tops.
Plenty of solo shows still come.. Launching new album and wanna play a bunch of new tracks too..

New album available at the gigs and hopefully T shirts and the split I did with Forest Pooky will land any day now (I’m still refusing to believe that it’s lost in transit.. Arghhh.. Those that have ordered shirts sorry they ain’t been sent yet.. Don’t worry , haven’t forgotten).

You can buy the new album on this site but those in Europe please order from Red Lounge Records for vinyl or Bosstunage for Cd’s .. As you know postage these days is bit costly yadda etc I also wanna attempt something next year which I’ll yak about pretty soon Um..

Flustered now at the docs and don’t ya love the waiting areas Next gig Canberra the 14th .. Transit Bar with Mr Ray and Mr Keish.. Dot dots

New Album Tour – NSW, VIC & QLD

Peter (Blackie) Black announces new tour and new album.

Returning from a 7 week tour of Europe , playing a mammoth 44 shows in 46 days, promoting album number 4, “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show”.

Peter Black is now ready to launch his new album in Australia, touring most of November, leaking into December.

Asking him how the European jaunt went he replies with:

“shit yeah, it was tops”

“shit yeah, it was tops”….

hmm… and this writer is very surprised to find that he’s already onto album number 4!

I asked him why this is so…. is he’s avoiding us??

“Nah nah not at all… but you see, when ya in a semi popular band (he’s talking about the Hard-Ons), folks tend to see what ever else you do as a side project. But I don’t DO side projects…. all me stuff is tops!”

“All me stuff is tops”, he says hmm… in that case, why don’t pop along to a show and see for ourselves.

I know this writer will..

  • 7th Nov – Blackwire Records, Sydney
  • 14th Nov – Transit Bar, Canberra
  • 25th Nov – Hamilton Station, Newcastle
  • 26th Nov – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
  • 27th Nov – Old Bar, Melbourne
  • 4th Dec – Ruby L’otel, Rozelle Sydney
  • 6th Dec – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Details coming… Keep an eye on the Gigs page.

A lot of the shows I’ll be joined by Keish playing Solo and Ray doing Stand Up!


Euro Thanks


Seven weeks, and in that time a ton of people to thank but can I just say the two people who made it happen.

Thibault Gillard, brought some albums of me and replied with “why haven’t you toured solo here yet!??”

To which I replied, “I wish!”

Next thing you know!

Thibault said to me, “thanks for taking the chance with us”, but as if I was gonna say no!!

Really we both took a chance, but from the moment I arrived I felt I was in good hands!

And can I plug his band Not Scientists. Check ’em out!! Awesome!
Wild Card Bookings are the bomb!

And… Speaking of good hands Forest Pooky is one if those guys the term ‘true gentleman’ was invented for. I doubt I was ever this well looked after! Not only doing the driving and TMing but constantly making sure “things were good”. Then he’d get up on stage and bring the house down! Seven weeks, living in each other’s pocket, we didn’t have one tiff! Even when I played some ‘Yes’ on the van stereo!

One day I’m gonna get him to Australia and you guys will see for yourselves what I’m talking about.

Thank you both very, very much.

And, I really mean it when I say the pleasure was all mine.

Mini tour update

Wifi here is scratchy but…

26 shows in a row and gotta tell ya… Playing night after nite is bliss!!

A night off felt “weird” but then again walking around the historic city Zaragoza all me and Mr Pookey could say was “fuck yea” a lot!

Three weeks to go..

Still many more shows to catch us so mark your calendars and see you soon!! Rocking

Euro 2015

Hey sorry not much for yacking when on the road (not to mention wifi availability) but 21 shows in LOVING IT!

Thanx to all who came to check it out and hope to see lots more of ya’s.

Couple of clips me and Forest have done are up on line now and I’ve also done BalconyTV in Genova Italy Check em out.

See youse round

Fan Photos and Videos

Good people of Europe:

If you get along to one of the gigs with Forest Pooky on Euro Tour don’t be afraid to record a few videos or photos and post them on YouTube, Facebook, etc….

Send them across and I’ll post them on me Facebook page and site!